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TECHNOMANIA at HI Tech & Industry Scandinavia 2017

06. okt 2017

With rather short notice Robotize decided to participate in the innovation area TECHNOMANIA at the HI fair in Herning. The fair runs for two days and Robotize were represented as part of the “Startup Corner”. The Startup Corner is an exhibition area for 25 selected tech startups, that gives them an opportunity to promote their ideas, technology and businesses for the future.


The attendance gave Robotize a lot of live action experience. It was a huge success, and a great achievement, to show the many visitors the GoPal and the solution that goes with it.


While Robotize attended TECHNOMANIA, the Danish tech news magazine “Ingeniøren” wrote about the GoPal. “Ingeniøren” is a magazine whose focus is on development in the technology and natural science in a societal context. The article can be read online, all you must do is follow the link.


In addition to the article, “Ingeniøren” also published a Short Video of the GoPal and Robotize Sales Manager, Lise Jonasen, explaining the solution that Robotize offers.