Your benefits

The GoPal offers a wide range of benefits whether you have just started with robots or are ready for full Industry 4.0 automatization. The GoPal saves you money and optimizes your future transportation – without extensive staff training and huge changes to your workspace.

Your benefits

Save money

The GoPal will improve your company’s logistics and minimize human error from day one. In terms of productivity, you can expect the GoPal system to get as much work done as a full-time employee with a pallet jack. If used in a single shift in a high-wage country, the system will usually achieve return-on-investment in 6-12 months. Used in three shifts, the system will typically pay for itself in less than six months. After that, you will save your company money every day of the week.

Your benefits

Easy to use

Unlike many other automatization solutions, the GoPal is extremely easy to install and use. The system does not require changes in your facility and work flows, but will get straight down to business in less than a day. Thanks to its intelligent navigation and complete autonomy, it requires no hand-holding from your employees.  

Your benefits

Continuous optimization

The GoPal offers extensive data collection that enables you to continuously optimize your transport system and increase your company’s cost-efficiency even further. Key figures – such as idle/active times, distance driven with or without load and average/maximum pickup latency – can be used to improve performance and eliminate transport bottlenecks.

Why choose the GoPal?

GoPal lets you optimize pallet transport quickly and easily.

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