GoPal at Scanfil

GoPal move finished goods from production to warehouse at Scanfil

Quick information
  • Company: Scanfil
  • Country: Sweden
  • Industry: Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
  • Employees: 5000
Tasks solved by the GoPal
  • Internal pallet trasnport
  • Data and reports
  • Seamlessly adaptation to the company’s future needs.
  • Fully integrated solution
  • Easy installation
  • Short implementation time
  • Investment in the future

In short

Two fully-integrated GoPal solutions from robotize have been implemented with great success at Scanfil. Scanfil is a well-known international contract manufacturer and system supplier for the electronics industry.

The challenge

Due to its large internal distances, Scanfil was looking for a flexible, agile and fully integrated solution that could be implemented smoothly and adapt seamlessly to the company’s future needs.

The Robotize GoPal collaborative robots were the best solution due to their intelligent navigation that allows the robot to make dynamic decisions on the fly. If the GoPal comes across an obstacle – such as an object or a person – it will drive around it. If the path is completely blocked, the GoPal will find the shortest alternate route to its destination.

Now two fully integrated GoPal robots work on the production line at Scanfil. The fully integrated GoPal is supporting the production process and moving finished goods from production to warehouse. “We are investing in Robotize GoPal because we need a flexible solution that can adapt to meet our changing needs,” says Jakob Fager.

Press play to view the robot in action
“The advantage of GoPal is that it is a small robot which requires no major adjustments at the company to integrate it and that it has a very short implementation time.”
Jakob Fager - Product Engineer Manager

The solution

The Robotize solution consists of GoPal robots, accessories and software, which are all integrated and fully approved. For Scanfil this represents a great benefit since the GoPal collaborative robots were pretty much ready to work once they hit the production floor. “The advantage of GoPal is that it is a small robot which requires no major adjustments at the company to integrate it and that it has a very short implementation time” explains Jakob Fager.

At Scanfil the Robotize GoPal are seen as a sustainable investment for the future. “In the future we will use the system to also transport products out to our dispatch dock. We also intend to use the robots for other types of transportation within the company” says Jakob Fager. Also, the GoPal collaborative robots help Scanfil better plan their future activities. “We will be using the data we get from the robot to plan our activities” explains Jakob Fager.

GoPal fully-integrated solutions from robotize transporting pallets at Scanfil.
GoPal 400 from Robotize helps PlusPack automate their internal logistics.
Safe internal pallet transport at Scanfil with GoPal 400 from robotize.
Two GoPal 400 help Scanfil improve internal logistics.

Why choose the GoPal?

GoPal lets you optimize pallet transport quickly and easily.

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