GoPal at Thomas Regout International B.V

GoPal delivers candy and drinks for the employees at Thomas Regout during the COVID-19 age.

Quick information
  • Company: Thomas Regout International BV
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Industry: Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
  • Employees: 201-500
Tasks solved by GoPal
  • Internal pallet transport
  • Ensured social distancing during COVID-19
  • Reduced risk of infection among employees
  • Automated internal pallet transport
  • Minimal risk of COVID-19 infection
  • Reduce the need for longer shifts
  • Keep production up and running

In short:

Thomas Regout International B.V is a company from the Netherlands that offers a broad range of sliding solutions that help move your application in any direction: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. In order to remain the best partner in telescopic slides, Thomas Regout has made some major improvements in their factory in Maastricht. Among others, the company decided to run a long-term rental period of the GoPal 400 to find out if the GoPal solution is the right choice for their business. “We came to the conclusion that it would be interesting to set up a rental agreement”. So far, the company is very enthusiastic about the GoPal Autonomous Mobile Robots and they have put a full installation of three to four GoPal into their budget for 2021.

Press play to view the robot in action

The challenge

Like many other companies, Thomas Regout International B.V. identified the need to comply with risk-reducing measures to minimize the spread of COVID 19. Fortunately, the self-driving abilities and the intelligent navigation of the GoPal 400 helped the employees at Thomas Regout comply with the COVID-19 restrictions, such as social distancing. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has changed the way we do business worldwide. Companies need to make sure that their employees are safe and motivated during these tough times. Using creativity, Thomas Regout took advantage of the self-driving abilities of the GoPal 400 and used it to deliver candy and drinks to their hard-working employees. 

“The GoPal collaborative robots are a great advantage in our factory”
Raoul Frenken - Proces Engineer at Thomas Regout International B.V

The solution

Currently, Thomas Regout International B.V is using two GoPal AMR, one in the Netherlands production and one in Spain at one of their partners. The company recognizes the benefits that GoPal AMR brought to their internal pallet transport. “The GoPal AMR are a great advantage in our factory” explains Raoul Frenken. Therefore the collaboration between Thomas Regout International B.V and Robotize will continue. The company is planning to add three to four more robots to their company by 2021. “We already we already talked with Robotize about our future plans”. says Raoul Frenken.

The GoPal fully-integrated solutions have not only improved the internal pallet transport at Thomas Regout International B.V but have also been a great support in the fight against COVID-19. Due to their agile and intelligent navigation as well as safety aspects and ability to self-drive, the GoPal collaborative robots supported the workers physically with internal pallet transport as well as morally with candy and drinks. 

GoPal fully-integrated solutions from robotize at Thomas Regout International B.V.
GoPal fully-integrated solution picking up pallets from pallet station.
GoPal fully integrated solution transporting pallets at Thomas Regout International B.V.

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