Read testimonials from selected GoPal customers to get an impression of what can be achieved with a GoPal solution

Product Manager Bruno Montojos, Ameka Glamox

“So far, the pilot project has been a positive surprise in a lot of ways. Installation and training only took about 2,5 days. On top of that, installation proved to be quite intuitive.”

Factory Manager Nikolaj Bøjlund Andersen, Treco

“From the very start, we decided to let our warehouse employees assume responsibility for the robot. Now, we’re looking to expand its duties so that it can operate 24/7.”


Quality Engineer Niels Jørgen Hvilsom, Treco

“There are a lot of opportunities for manufacturers who have this kind of robot – which is safer and takes up a lot less space than a fork lift. We get a lot of data – like number of transports, total distance covered and transport time – which we can use to further optimize our internal logistics. We implementented the robot without any sort of issues while production was running at full speed.”


Project and Production Manager Bartosz Giertych, Trioline

“The GoPal has allowed us to utilize our employees’ skills more fully. All in all, the system has allowed us to save 10-15% on internal transport costs.”


Production Engineer Manager Jacob Fager, Scanfil

“We installed the system while production was up and running. The advantage of GoPal is that it’s small and fast, but also that it quickly adapts to any changes we make to the production process. Security systems are built into the solution at several levels.”


Project Manager Simon Laigaard, Plus Pack

“The GoPal robot has helped us in the sense that our employees do not need to spend as much time on transportation as earlier. It has allowed us to move the employees who transport finished plastic products to other tasks.”