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28. February 2019
GoPal cuts costs at one of Europe’s largest third-party furniture manufacturers

A new GoPal solution from Robotize helps Trio Line in Poland save up to 15% on internal transportation costs.

Trio Line is one of Europe’s largest third-party furniture manufacturers – and its 33.000 m2 warehouse is characterized by its long distances and bustling activity.

The GoPal solution is configured to move warehouse goods to the production cells where they are needed, which has not only helped to optimize production, but also allowed the company to move employees to cover staff shortages in jobs with requirements.

Trio Line Project and Production Manager Bartosz Giertych is impressed by the new solution: “With the GoPal system, we have been able to save between 10% and 15% on costs in the internal transport department. This system also allows us to think about the future and plan targeted investments in a different way.”

  • Up to 15% cost savings
  • Optimized production
  • Robot drives up to 20 km in an 8-hour shift
View how Robotize helped Trio Line

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