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04. maj 2020

Our GoPal robots define a brand-new category of Fully Automated AMRs.

To our customer, this means benefits above any other AMR, because our robots are fully safety approved, they are ready to run when they hit the floor.
Simply, unbox it and start harvesting your benefits.

“The company Robotize has just launched the third generation of its GoPal autonomous mobile robot platform, designed to safely transport pallets without injury to employees or equipment.”
Investments in reliable automation have long been a focal point of production companies across the globe. Therefore, many processes in production and inventory management have already been optimized.

But when it comes to shipping of goods, internally inside the production and to the warehouse, in many companies it is still a manual task.
In many places, large and heavy forklifts are shuttling 24/7 with Euro pallets in narrow production areas, where there is often packed traffic and thus the risk of injury to persons and materials.
Robotize has a solution to that challenge. Robotize is an innovation-driven engineering company based in Lyngby outside Copenhagen, that produces the markets’ most safe and flexible robots. Now, in the latest and third versions they can carry pallets weighing up to 1200 kg.

Your Benefits
Replacing forklift trucks with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) has several operational advantages, especially when working in two or three daily shifts, explains Sales Director Lars Harding Knudsen. Another important benefit is the aspect of improved safety.

It is well known that daily transport of forklifts is the cause of major or minor accidents and incidents where both employees and materials are at risk of injury. GoPal eliminates the risk, as well as the human and financial costs associated with injury and damage. We have a German customer who chose GoPal because the customer wanted to get all the forks away from the production area to eliminate injuries.”

GoPal is an AMR with a with fully integrated security platform. The robot does its own mapping to find the nearest road or alternative route, and with the help of advanced lasers, it can move around even narrow aisles without encountering obstacles that may be in the workplace.

The greater the volume of goods a customer needs to move internally, the greater the potential gain from the investment in GoPal.

For every hour, the robot is in operation, manual labour is released at a minimum 1:1 ratio, usually higher. Thus, employees can easily be released to other tasks that can add real value to the company while the robot takes care of moving the goods from one place to another, which in production terms is defined as waste.

Lars Harding Knudsen points out that the GoPal platform is delivered as a standard solution that can be adapted to the customer's individual needs. The robot can be delivered ready for commissioning out of the box just with a bit of online help from Robotize.

Most recently, a customer in Italy commissioned a GoPal system himself solely aided with online connection to Denmark.
“It's a fully integrated solution with all the needed interfaces prepared, tested and checked before shipping. It is simple to operate, and our customer does not need to add foreseen nor unforeseen expenses for commissioning neither for service. It is all planned and executed.
When the robot is in operation, we can monitor it and optimize the software if needed. In addition, every six months we carry out a general health check of the robot, where we also ensure that the lasers comply with all safety regulations. After two and a half years with robots in operation, we have yet to see any signs of wear and tear.”

Our robots
The GoPal platform handles several pallet types. The first two versions are designed for the classic European pallet at 80 by 120 centimetres, while the latest version can also lift and transport pallets at 100 by 120 centimetres. This opens new opportunities in the UK and the US market, for example, where many companies use pallets of this size.

Recently, the reliability of the GoPal solution is a significant advantage to companies who have identified the need to comply with risk reducing measures to minimise the spread of the Covid19. A GoPal reduces human contact when moving goods and thus the possibility of spreading infection. And it is stable, even though there are viruses in circulation, with many sick leave reports.

And right now, Robotize, together with Dansk Industri and other Danish companies, has offered companies assistance in the acute crisis that coronavirus has created. Companies can right now try GoPal for free for a three-month period and find out if it could be a future investment for them.

“There may be companies seeing a shortage of labour as a result of illness. Or companies who must redesign production layouts in a way that fewer employees are present per m2.

Here we would like to make our contribution and help, so we give them this opportunity to test a GoPal. “

Why choose the GoPal?

GoPal lets you optimize pallet transport quickly and easily.

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