GoPal – technology

GoPal combines smart design decisions with the latest developments in battery and mapping technology to create a highly advanced Self-Driving Vehicle that is easy to onboard and work with every day of the week.

GoPal – technology

Transport ordering

The most basic GoPal transport ordering setup – which will serve the purposes of many manufacturing companies – is to install a call button at the point of departure (fx a machine loading output onto a EUR-pallet). When this button is pressed, GoPal will collect the EUR-pallet and deliver it to the standard destination configured in the GoControl computer (usually warehouse/storage). If the machine’s output needs to be delivered to several different destinations, the simplest solution is to enter orders through a web browser on a tablet. Alternatively, delivery orders for these different destinations can be entered into the system by scanning specific, attached barcodes (fx on the GoPal Pallet Station) or by mounting a call button for each destination.

GoPal – technology

Autonomous navigation

By using the latest advances in LIDAR technology, the GoPal can map and autonomously navigate dynamic working environments with people and moving objects. Mapping is conducted in stages. First, a map of the building is added to the GoControl computer. Next, a GoPal mobile robot tours the whole building (controlled by tablet) to record its surroundings using the built-in sensors. The building map and these sensor recordings are then merged and adjusted in the GoControl computer. Off-limits areas are marked and temporary features (like objects and human beings) recorded by the sensors are removed. Finally, this adjusted map is exported to all the GoPal robots that will be used in the building, allowing them to autonomously navigate in a working environment full of people and goods on the move.

GoPal – technology

Agile navigation

The footprint of a GoPal robot is only slightly larger than the pallet it carries. This makes GoPal much more compact and manoeuvrable than similar mobile robots, which is essential if your facility’s working spaces and transport lanes are optimized for pallet jacks. With its small size and turn radius, the GoPal needs more or less the same space to operate as an employee with a pallet jack. Only an extra 5-10 cm of free space is needed to prevent sensors from initiating emergency stops.

GoPal – technology

Battery technology

The GoPal is powered by a rechargeable lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, which provides superior power density, quick charging and long service-life. Partial charges will not harm this battery type and even a full charge – which provides 8-12 hours of operation - will only take 45 minutes.

Battery capacities are constantly monitored by the GoControl computer, which automatically sends robots for either partial or full charging at the GoPal Power Station when it fits their schedule. The LiFePO4 batteries in GoPal do not only boast a very long service life (+5000 full charges), but are also very easy to replace. Replacement can also be included in your service package.

GoPal – technology


The GoPal is designed to be extremely easy to use. As a consequence, its technical and user interfaces have been stripped down to the bare minimum. Users interface with the robot indirectly - either through a simple push-button, a barcode scan or a web browser on a tablet. On the technical side, things are just as easy – simply connect the GoPal to the company’s WiFi to enable communication with the GoControl computer. 

GoPal – technology

Reports and data

The GoPal collects and logs data on the GoControl computer. This includes operational data (number of orders processed, distance driven, idle/active time etc.), service data (number of lifts performed, total distance driven, battery monitoring etc.) and reports on both individual robot and system level (average and maximum pickup latency, time spent charging/parked, errors etc.). This data be used for future planning and optimizing of your internal logistics.

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GoPal lets you optimize pallet transport quickly and easily.

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