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23 November 2020

GoPal fully-integrated solution

Robotize offers a series of four autonomous mobile robots to help you automate your internal logistics. But what does a fully-integrated solution actually mean? To simply answer, it means that no further on-site approvals or third-party involvement are required. Unlike other companies, robotize does not only deliver a robot, but also a fully approved and integrated solution. Forget about the struggle of collecting your accessories and components from different actors in the supply chain. With the GoPal fully-integrated solutions from robotize you get all that you need in one place: the robot, the components and accessories, the installation, and the support.

At robotize, we constantly improve our fully approved collaborative robots in order to give our customers all the benefits of automation with none of no hassle. Below are some factors to take into consideration when deciding to automate your internal logistics:

Traditional automation processes can take a long time from the moment of purchase to having the robot up and running. Since no further on-site approvals are required, when automating with robotize, you can keep production running while we install your new GoPal solution in just a couple of days. Unlike an employee with a pallet jack, the GoPal makes no errors, therefore making it easy to improve your company’s logistics and minimize human error from day one.

In traditional automation processes, you need to collect certain accessories and elements from different actors in the supply chain. Having to collect your accessories and components from different actors can take time and resources that could be used in different departments of your company. Automating your internal logistics with GoPal can help you cut costs in your pallet transport department without having to make changes to either your workflows or your facility. In terms of productivity, you can expect the GoPal system to get as much work done as a full-time employee with a pallet jack. If used in a single shift in a high-wage country, the system will usually achieve return-on-investment in 6-12 months. Used in three shifts, the GoPal will typically pay for itself in less than six months.

When collecting your accessories and components from different actors in the supply chain you often need highly-skilled people to fit all the components and accessories together and ensure correct installation. Since robotize or our partners are the ones supplying the needed accessories and performing installation, the company takes full responsibility for the integration and installation of your GoPal. When automating your internal logistics with Gopal, you have one place to collect your components and accessories, to ask for support, and to report any issues or malfunctions: robotize.
In uncertain times, like the COVID-19, robotize offers support and encourages customers to do the installation process themselves.

Automating your internal pallet transport should be a hassle-free process, that does not require extra resources or changes to your facility. With the GoPal fully integrated solutions from robotize, you get a completely autonomous solution based on intelligent navigation which requires no hand-holding from your employees. 






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