Case Studies

Check out our case studies and learn more about how different companies from all around the world have benefitted from automating their internal logistics with the GoPal solution


TRECO is a Danish company specializing in project- and customer specific metal production, and a global manufacturer of customized postal products. The company has always been interested in innovative technology so when they came across the GoPal solution, they quickly calculated an ROI. The result was an eye-opener.

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AVK Gummi

AVK Gummi has deployed a GoPal 400 solution as part of its LEAN and Industry 4.0 program. The GoPal solution ensures the transport of pallets with tools from the tooling department to different machines in the production area.

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Flokk is a Swedish company that provides a wide range of furniture and acoustic solutions. In the process of automating its production line, the company integrated the GoPal 400 Autonomous Mobile Robot into its production line.

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Plus Pack

Thanks to the implementation of two GoPal Autonomous Mobile Robots, PlusPack increased production capacity and freed up their workers to tackle higher productivity processes.

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Two fully-integrated GoPal Autonomous Mobile Robots work on the production line at Scanfil. The fully integrated GoPal are supporting the production process and moving finished goods from production to warehouse.

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Thomas Regout International B.V

The self-driving abilities and the intelligent navigation of the GoPal 400 helped the employees at Thomas Regout International B.V comply with the COVID-19 restrictions.

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Leggett & Platt

By choosing the GoPal Autonomous Mobile Robot, Leggett & Platt not only automated their internal pallet transport, but also boosted production, and saved 15% on costs in the internal transport department.

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JAMK University of Applied Sciences

GoPal 400 from robotize supports JAMK University of Applied Sciences in research and development projects. The GoPal 400 is also used for teaching engineering students about mobile robotics.

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