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22 December 2020

Robotize Partners with PALOMAT

Robotize offers a series of four fully approved autonomous mobile robots that will facilitate your internal transport of palletized goods. The GoPal solution fits all industries. In collaboration with PALOMAT, Robotize further facilitates safe and simple automation of your internal pallet transport.

PALOMAT is an independent company in BILA A/S and the world's leading manufacturer of pallet magazine/pallet dispensers. Together with PALOMAT, Robotize supports businesses with automating internal pallet transport and material handling. The PALOMAT AMR supports both the  GoPal E22 and GoPal E24 AMRs.

The partnership between Robotize and PALOMAT ensures you safe and easy automated internal pallet transport. Robotize and the PALOMAT AMR can work safely together, taking over repetitive tasks, mitigating personnel shortages, minimizing human error and preventing injuries to employees and damage to goods.

Deployed with GoPal E22 and GoPal E24, the PALOMAT AMR pallet magazine automatically stacks and dispenses the pallets without human interaction.

GoPal pannel control
GoPal E24 fully-integrated solution from robotize
Palomat interface
GoPal 400 fully-integrated solution from robotize
Robotize and Palomat

Why choose GoPal AMRs?

The GoPal solution optimizes your intralogistics.

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