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2 February 2021

Robotize supports the future generation of engineering students

At Robotize, we are driven by our passion and dedication to making the world a better place through autonomous mobile robots. We aspire to pass on our passion and dedication for autonomous mobile robots to the younger generation. As a first step, we started collaborating with universities like JAMK University of Applied Science in helping educate their students about autonomous mobile robots.

Through our collaboration with universities, we want to actively participate in the blossoming of the future generation of robotics engineers. The engineering students at JAMK University of Applied Science work on a regular basis with the GoPal 400. The GoPal robots are specially designed to work in a collaborative mode. Therefore, it was really easy for JAMK University to integrate the GoPal 400 into their automation system that includes other industrial robots, as well as a 3D machine vision.

Through our collaboration with universities, we also want to contribute to bringing light to the controversial subject of automation safety. Working on a regular basis with GoPal, students can firsthand experience how easy and safe it is to work with autonomous mobile robots while contesting the concept that robots are unsafe or hard to handle. The GoPal AMR set new standards for flexibility and safety in the automation of internal pallet transport. All GoPal AMR come with safety measures such as laser scanners with 360° protection, 4 x emergency stop buttons, and a mechanical bumper with 360° protection - making GoPal the safest autonomous mobile robots on the market.

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