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Two brand new AMR solutions

Adding to our existing product line GoPal 400, Robotize are expanding our product offering with two brand new AMR solutions to fulfill
a broader range of pallets and payloads.
• GoPal E24 upgraded and increased payload
• GoPal E24W designed for industrial pallets and even more payload

All the well-known benefits from the GoPal 400 are inherited into the two new platforms, among others our fully safety approved solutions. To our customers, this means no requirements for onsite certifications nor 3rd party approvals.
That’s why GoPals are ready to move pallets as soon as they hit the factory floor. It is safe and simple .

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What is GoPal?

GoPal is the first and only fully integrated and approved solution for the automation of pallet transport in factories and warehouses. Our collaborative robots are approved for use in a wide range of industries. Since no further on-site approvals are required, you can keep production running while we install your new GoPal solution in just a couple of days.

With GoPal, you get all the benefits of pallet transport automation – either as part of Industry 4.0 automation or on its own.





Good for business

Whether you have just started with robots or are ready for full Industry 4.0 automatization, GoPal can save you money and help you optimize your internal logistics. Best of all, a GoPal solution does not require extensive staff training or huge changes to your workspace.

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Whatever the application, GoPal delivers

GoPal is a highly flexible automatization solution that can be used in almost any internal logistics setup. The system can be configured for any combination of simple delivery (A to B), complex delivery (A to B, C or D) and production support (A to B, B to C, C to D, etc.).

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