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Experience the GoPal® solution in action at LogiMAT 2022 (31 May-2 June, Stuttgart, Germany).
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The GoPal Solution

Our GoPal Autonomous Mobile Robots set new standards for easy deployment, flexibility and safety when automating internal logistics. Warehouse automation has never been easier. Our GoPal solution can be commissioned in just a few days with minimum to none site adaptation or hand-holding. Plus, with GoPal you do not have to make major changes to either your workflows or your facility. 

The GoPal Robots
  • GoPal 400
  • GoPal E24
  • GoPal E24W
  • GoPal U24W
The GoPal Benefits
  • Reduced costs in the internal logistics department
  • Fully integrated and mutually optimized solution
  • Safe and intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Valuable data and reports
The GoPal Solution
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Accessories and Components
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Support and Training
  • Fleet Management Software (GoControl)


What is the GoPal solution?

GoPal is the first and only fully integrated and approved solution for the automation and optimization of pallet transport in factories and warehouses. Our fully collaborative and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are approved for use in a wide range of industries.

The factory of the future is now closer than ever. With the GoPal fully-integrated solutions from Robotize you get all the benefits of pallet transport automation – either as part of Logistics 4.0 automation or on its own.

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Good for business

The benefits of automated pallet handling range from cutting costs to freeing-up employees for higher productivity tasks. Automating the internal transport of palletized goods with collaborative robots (cobots) enables companies to minimize human error, eliminate the risk of injuries to employees and damage to materials. The GoPal automation solutions have revolutionized the intralogistics concept by supporting companies with material flow optimization without extensive staff training or significant changes to their workspace.

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Whatever the application, GoPal delivers

GoPal is a highly flexible automation solution that can handle heavy palletized workflows. Operators can easily track and manage the different GoPal AMRs using our fleet management software (GoControl).

GoPal help companies easily automate internal transport. The warehouse automation system can be configured for any combination of simple delivery (A to B), complex delivery (A to B, C or D), and production support (A to B, B to C, C to D, etc.).

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The footprint of the GoPal 400 is only slightly larger than a standard Euro pallet, making it ideal for fully automated pallet transport in crowded and busy areas.
The GoPal U24W is designed for very high loads on US/UK pallets. The lifting design is adapted to the shape of US/UK pallets.
The GoPal E24W is designed for very high loads on industrial EUR pallets as well as on Euro pallets, half-Euro pallets or similar pallets or cages.
The GoPal E24 is designed for heavy loads on Euro pallets, half-Euro pallets or similar pallets or cages.

Why choose GoPal?

GoPal lets you optimize pallet transport quickly and easily.

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