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12 December 2023

Say Hello To GoPal P35

Having firmly established Robotize as a leading global provider of pallet AMRs, we're excited to announce our entry into the platform AMR segment.

"Our customers asked us to develop a platform AMR to complement their fleet of GoPal pallet AMRs. The main requirement was that it had to have the same high level of uptime and operational reliability as our global fleet of AMRs," says Anders Pjetursson, Robotize CEO and Co-founder.

ā€œIā€™m proud to say that the GoPal P35 is the result of our deep domain knowledge of having our global fleet of AMRs covering a distance of more than 800.000 kilometres (500,000 miles) in challenging production environments.ā€

Smallest member of the Robotize GoPal AMR family
With a footprint of only 960 x 660 mm (37.8 x 26 in), the GoPal P35 will become the smallest member of the GoPal AMR family, which currently covers a wide range of AMRs for transporting payloads on Euro-, Industrial- and US/UK pallets.

Naturally, the GoPal P35 platform AMR provides mechanical and electrical interfaces to easily accommodate a wide range of top modules, equipment, and accessories from different mobile robotic equipment vendors.

Other GoPal P35 highlights include:

  • Supports payload up to 250 kg (550 lbs)
  • Wireless charging
  • Safe and long-lasting LFP battery
  • Extremely agile with quick and smooth performance
  • The distinctive GoPal mechanical bumper as additional safety layer for operation in tight spaces
  • Easy deployment alongside existing GoPal AMRs on our GoControl Fleet Management System
  • And, of course, the best-looking AMR on the market šŸ˜‰

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