Key Feature

Supports Different

The GoPal AMR family offers robots for transporting pallets as well as robots for transporting top modules/equipment.

The GoPal Pallet AMRs
Our Pallet AMRs support Euro-pallets (GoPal E22, GoPal E24 and GoPal E24W), industrial EUR pallets (GoPal E24W), and US/UK pallets (GoPal U22W and GoPal U24W). This unique ability allows you to customize the GoPal Solution to your exact material transportation requirements. 

The GoPal Platform AMR
GoPal P35 is designed for transporting custom top modules/equipment or top modules/equipment from leading vendors of mobile robotic equipment.

Either way, the GoPal Solution is a fully-integrated solution to fit your load requirements, transport distance, pick-up/delivery frequency etc.

Read the case studies to learn more about the benefits of automating your internal material transportation with the GoPal solution.