Key Feature

Data Collection,
Analysis & Reporting

In addition to removing dangerous forklifts from your work floor, the GoPal AMRs provide valuable data for reporting and statistics, including:

  • operational data (e.g., number of orders processed, distance driven and idle/active time)
  • service data (e.g., number of lifts performed, total distance driven and battery monitoring
  • reports/statistics on both individual robot and system level (e.g., average and maximum pickup latency, time spent charging/parked, errors)

Check out some of our case studies to learn how to use the data provided by the GoPal solution to help you continuously improve and optimize your organization.

The GoControl FMS logs all data for use in connection with continuous optimization, troubleshooting, and maintenance. The extensive data collection provides invaluable insight into the current state of your company’s internal transport and its future requirements.