Key Feature

Pick up and delivery

The GoPal Autonomous Mobile Robots always use GoPal Pallet Stations as pick-up, delivery, and transit points. The solution is configured with the number of GoPal Pallet Stations that best suits transport needs in the facility. The Gopal Pallet Stations can be delivered in different configurations, stand-alone, or with a conveyer belt interface.

The most basic GoPal transport ordering setup – which will serve the purposes of many manufacturing companies – is to install a call button at the point of departure (typically where finished goods are packed). When this button is pressed, GoPal will collect the pallet and deliver it to the standard destination configured in the GoControl computer (usually warehouse/storage). If the machine’s output needs to be delivered to several different destinations, a 5-button call button can be installed or the order can be entered through a web browser on a tablet.